July 2019

Start of Week Two of the RSCT 2019 Summer Festival of the Arts and Education

Photo above: Plant observation exercise in Robert McKay's Meditation for Teachers course.

The magic continues with week two of the 2019 Summer Festival of the Arts and Education. This week is a smaller, more intimate, experience. Last week's grade intensives are over. This week's focus is more inward and artistic with morning sessions including Robert McKay's course on "Meditation and the Spiritual Path of the Waldorf Teacher" and Fiona Hughes' course on "Seven Essential Nutrients for Health".

Fiona Hughes (right) with nutrition class students, getting introduced on Monday morning.

This week there are over forty students in attendance. About 28 people came out for Tuesday morning's start-of-day singing with Elisabeth Chomko. There are about 30 students in Robert's meditation course and nine in Fiona's nutrition class.

Afternoon courses are likewise full to capacity. Fourteen students in Brian Searson's "Coloured Dust" chalkboard drawing workshop, thirteen with Larry Young, Painting Faces, in the art room, and fourteen aspiring felters with Kathie Young in the RSCT seminar room.

As was the case last week, this week's students hail from far and wide. Notably there are three from Korea, along with participats from Miami, Atlanta, Washington, Whistler, Edmonton and Calgary.

Events Open to the Wider Community

This Thursday July 18th at 5 pm there will be two student research presentations. Jennifer Bergfeldt will talk about "Building a Healthy Parent Community -- as a Support for the Children in the Classroom". And Jessica Sykes will present her research on "Teacher Talk Today -- weaving, experience and being".

And next Thursday July 25th, also at 5 pm, will be the graduation of the Professional Development for Waldorf Teachers Part-Time program. No RSVP is necessary. Just show up.

If you come for the presentations this week or the graduation next week, be sure to check out the exhibition of prints of 50 of Larry Young's paintings which is located in the hallway outside the TWS music room.

One of Larry's paintings was featured on the cover of the 2019 Summer Festival brochure. Before moving to Toronto, Larry taught art for many years at the Green Meadow Waldorf High School in Spring Valley, New York.

Above and below: Exhibition of Larry Young's face paintings in the TWS hallway outside the music room.

Above: Getting organized in Robert McKay's editation class on Tuesday morning.

Above: First-thing-in-the-morning singing with RSCT music teacher Elisabeth Chomko

Above: First day of Brian Searson's "Coloured Dust" chalkboard drawing course.

Above: Artist Larry Young with students in the TWS art room, getting ready to paint some faces.

Above: Some of the needle-felting samples brought to the Monday's felting class by teacher Kathie Young.

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