July 2018

Storyteller from Norway Shares Stories at RSCT Summer Festival, Thurs. July 19th, 5:30-7pm

Prize-winning storyteller Georgiana Keable is coming from Norway to share her stories this Thursday July 19th, 2018, from 5:30 pm to 7 pm, on the wooden stage in the Toronto Waldorf School forest playground, north-west of the school.

Stories from Asia and South America

This performance is FREE of charge for Summer Festival attendees and other interested people. Everyone is welcome (suitable for children age 6 and older). Thursday’s program will include stories from Asia and South America. There will also be an audience-participation artistic activity to accompany the storytelling. 

This special storytelling event is sponsored by the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto, in conjunction with their Summer Festival of Arts and Education. However, please note that this event is not listed on the official schedule of Festival events, so don’t look for it in the printed program or on the website. 

She Didn’t Go To a Waldorf School, but…

Georgiana grew up in England with a childhood full of stories, told to her by her mother who was a Waldorf teacher. In the early 1980s she and some colleagues started to tell stories professionally, taking them to schools in West London. Later she learned that others people had also taken up storytelling on other continents about the same time. So it was a movement! Georgiana later moved to Norway, learned Norwegian, and has been telling stories in Norway and at festivals throughout Europe and even in Iran, ever since.

Prize-Winning Book of Collected Stories Just Published

Recently she published her first book of collected stories, titled “The Natural Storyteller”, for which she received the first-place Purple Dragonfly Book Award. 

Georgiana hopes to have copies of her new book available at the local Paper Pipet bookstore (on the TWS campus) during and after her visit to Toronto.  Her book, “The Natural Storyteller”, can also be ordered direct from Steiner Books, or pre-ordered at

Thanks to local storyteller Dawne McFarlane for helping connect Georgiana with the RSCT. Georgiana will also be attending a storytelling event in British Columbia.

Where Exactly Will the Storytelling Take Place?

The Toronto Waldorf School is located at 9100 Bathurst St., Thornhill, but due to construction on the bridge over the summer, you can only enter the campus via Bathurst Glen Drive, which you can get to from Bathurst St., via Ner Israel Drive. The forest playground and the small stage (where the stories will be told) are located northwest of the school building. See you there!

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